๐ŸŒ€Saving Your Twitter Data

This page includes instructions on how to retrieve and save your tweets to your AI memory.

Please use the following link for instructions on how to retrieve your twitter data: https://help.twitter.com/en/managing-your-account/accessing-your-x-data

Once you have received the requested data from twitter, we will find the .js file corresponding with all of our past tweet objects.

Open the file folder, inside this folder you will see another folder called "Data". Open this folder and scroll all the way down, you should see a file called "tweets.js". Download this file from the data folder.

You will notice that the tweets.js file is just a bunch of JavaScript code. Not to worry, we will use Claude to find our tweet objects. In the Claude chat window, type "Please extract all tweet objects from the following". Copy as much of the tweets.js file as possible and paste it into the chat window next to the prompt we just typed in (Claude will only allow a certain number of characters to be pasted into the chat window, you will have to play around with the amount Claude will let you paste. Keep track of where you left off on the file).

Claude will then isolate all of the tweet objects and output a list of the tweets included in the Java code we pasted into Claude. Once you have this, you can copy and paste the response into your memory.