Public Chat

This feature allows people to enter a chatting space with your AI with no sign-up needed. Webchat is currently available for premium users upon request.

How does it work?

Once your account has enabled chat, people will see the option to "Public Chat" when they go to your brand page. If you want to test it out and you do not have chat enabled, talk to our co-founder/CEO at

Where do I manage public chat on my end?

Simply go to the "Public Chat" direct message under the "Chats" tab.

From here, you can monitor the responses your AI sends out. You can simply edit a response and it will be edited on the users end.

Furthermore, just like in a normal DM with a contact, the settings you assign in this DM will work the same way. For example if you change the AI mode to copilot, you will have to approve the response first. If you assign a personal score parameter, the user on the other end will only see a response when the answer is above the given personal score. Therefore if your AI is not responding, ensure the AI is in autopilot with no threshold.

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