๐Ÿ“–Publishing your AI

When you are finished training your new AI persona, or if you are creating a new one, you can now use the "Publish" feature which is next to the AI Training space in the persona settings. The "Publish" page now includes 3 different sections, Brand Settings, Advanced Settings, and Message Integrations.

Brand Settings

  • Privacy: This section allows you to select the privacy settings for your personal AI within the Personal AI app.

  • Brand Page: This is a direct link to preview your Brand Page. Here you can either view or edit the settings on your Brand Page directly instead of navigating to the AI Domain.

  • Public Chat: This setting allows you to modify the Public Chat. Here you can either switch the Public Chat setting to On or Off when people are viewing your brand page. Make sure your AI is set to "Public" if you plan to turn on the public chat.

  • Brand Page Link: Here you can change your AI Domain name. This link will take you directly to your AI brand page for users to interact with you.

Advanced Settings

  • First Message: Here you can customize a personal welcome message that your AI will send at first interaction

  • Threshold Fallback Message: Here you can customize a personal default message that your AI will automatically send when it is unable to create a response within the personal score threshold of your choosing. For example, if your personal score threshold is set to 80% and the highest personal score that your AI can generate for that particular response is only 75%, then it will automatically respond with "This is not yet in my memory", which remains as the default message until you edit it.

Message Integrations

  • Here we can quickly integrate our AI into different messaging apps. Messenger and Instagram coming soon....

  • SMS: Clicking "Join Beta" will bring up a link to apply for the SMS messaging beta. A phone number is generated for your AI and can be used to text your AI directly.

  • Zapier: Zapier is the integration platform that we use. Here you can integrate your AI with a number of different apps compatible with our API. Click "Show API Key" to view your API key instead of retrieving it from your AI settings. Your API key is important and is used to identify your AI as the AI that the messages are going to.