๐Ÿ’ฌMessaging your AI

Video Walkthrough

A personal AI prompt is a question or statement that is designed to elicit a response from an AI system. Prompts are messages you send to your AI and all the prompts you may have tried with ChatGPT will be compatible within your Personal AI.

The Mindset

Think of messaging your AI as if youโ€™re messaging a person instead of as if you are writing prompts to an AI.

Personal AI is designed to mimic your expressions with an AI version of you. The corpus of a Personal AI is unique to each model and each person. Hence, try to adapt the mindset that you are talking to a person and messaging or prompting an individual.

The Flow

Every personal AI message prompt is interpreted by your personal AI followed by consulting a public AI (ex: ChatGPT) when needed. Every AI response is expected to have a personal score.

The personal score is a measure of how accurate the AI thinks its response is to you. The higher the score, the more confident the AI is that the answer it has provided could be coming from you. When you donโ€™t have personal thoughts on a topic that is new to your AI, then the personal scores for that topic are expected to be lower.

A question or statement with rich context will help your AI provide rich responses

You can be as specific or as vague as you want, but anything you leave out will ultimately be left out of the context of your AIโ€™s response. Being vague is a great way to get variety, but you may not get what youโ€™re looking for. If personal AI cannot understand or answer, similar to a human, their AI will construct its best possible synthesized response for you.

๐Ÿ’กTip: Try to be clear about any context or details that are important to you.

Example 1: Vague

Human> Define Personal AI

Suman AI> Personal AI is an AI that is designed for an individual. Personal AIs are often seen as the next step in personal computing.

Example 2: Specific

Human> Define Personal AI in the context of General AI

Suman AI> Personal AI is a type of AI that is specifically designed for an individual. This means that it takes into account the specific needs, preferences, and characteristics of that person in order to create a personalized experience. General AI, on the other hand, is a type of AI that is designed to be more general purpose and can be trained on large amounts of data.

Reset the conversation to initiate a new session

Click on "New Convo" to clear the context of the chat. The actual messages populated in the given chat will not be erased. Sometimes, you may want to start a new conversation with your AI without any prior context. Clearing the conversation allows for a fresh start, especially when the previous conversation has concluded or if you want to switch topics.

How to use AI Instructions

Step 1: When characters are inputted into the message bar, the AI instructions icon will populate.

Step 2: Click on the magic icon and select either Draft with ChatGPT, Draft with my AI, Draft AI image (DALL-E-3), or Ask Google.

Step 3: The text or image will be generated in your message bar. From this point, you can simply send the message/image, exit out of AI instructions, or tweak the prompt and regenerate with the same icon.

Step 4: To get your AI to generate a context-aware response to someone's message or question, simply hit reply. The AI will pre-fill the prompt with "Reply to [name of person]" to provide context.

This allows the AI to craft relevant responses based on each individual message, with the proper context carried over automatically. By replying this way, you ensure the AI generates responses specifically tailored to each person, with their name and message kept apart of the context.