๐ŸŽขCreating your First Persona

For tips and tricks on training and publishing your AI, please see the documentation for "Intermediate Users"

Once you have created your account, you will be taken to a page to begin building your main AI.

AI Identity

Here you can customize your AI in a variety of different ways. Choose your AI photo, Identity, and Name however you wish.

The next few customization settings are crucial in customizing your AI, so choose these options wisely:

AI Mode: This setting is where you will choose whether you want your AI to respond automatically (Autopilot) or generate responses that can be edited before sending them (Copilot). You can also choose to turn AI responses off with the "AI Off" setting. We highly recommend leaving your AI on Copilot or Autopilot when training to be able to view the responses your AI is generating.

Traits: Here you can choose up to 3 traits for your AI. These traits are what give your AI its personality. When choosing these traits, consider the personality that best fits the AI you are trying to build.

Communication Style: This setting is extremely important in choosing how you want your AI to respond to the messages/prompts you give it. Here you can choose up to 3 communication styles that will make your AI respond in these ways. It is important to consider what your are using your AI for when choosing these styles. For example, if you are using your AI for informative recall and summarizing information, choose "Formal" and "Concise". If you are using your AI for messaging with others, depending on your audience, choose "Empathetic" or "Informal".

Conversation Starters: This setting allows you to create example questions directly above the chat window in your AI messaging interface (see the photo below). These are buttons you can click on that send the message automatically. Choose conversation starters that best fit your use case and captivate your audience in continuing to converse with your AI.

Memory Types

Here you can select the different types of memories you want to begin uploading and training your AI on. You may change these memory types in the training space later, but this is a good place to get started. Once you have selected the memory types you want to begin with, click "Next" to begin uploading.

Memory Upload

It is important to remember that if you have a free account, you are limited to 100 memories. Think of memories as facts about the files, notes, URLs, and questionnaires you upload. If you upload too many of these you may not be able to move forward with training. Don't worry, 100 memories is enough to fully personalize and converse with your customized AI.

Questionnaire: Here you can begin training your AI with a preloaded questionnaire on the topics About Me, Personal Goals, Resume, and Biography.

URLs: If you have links to blogs, articles, or websites you want to train your AI on, copy and paste them into the window here.

Files: Here you can upload files of types docx, txt, md, and pdf.

Audio Files: Here you can upload files of types mp3, mp4, m4a, and wav.

New Note: Here you can create a new document window that you can freely type notes in. This is a good memory type to choose if you are copy and pasting text.

Integrations: Here you can sign in to your Google Drive or OneDrive to automatically upload files and documents directly from your own drive.


Once you are finished uploading and creating your memory types, clicking "Next" at the top right will take you to the training section. Click the "Train" button and your AI will begin storing all of your uploads as memories. This is what begins the learning process for your AI. When you are finished, you can begin talking to your own personal AI!

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