๐Ÿ’ผPersonal AI for the Attorney

For more information about how Personal AI can be used for the Attorney or within a law firm, please visit: https://www.personal.ai/legal

Here is an example use case from one of our current customers Robert Simon:

Let's dive into the world of Robert Simon, a trailblazing trial attorney and the brain behind the innovative Bob Bot. As a co-founder of Simon Law Group and Justice Team HQ, Bob has carved out a reputation not just for his courtroom prowess but also as a beacon of guidance for budding trial lawyers. With a passion for teaching and an overflowing inbox, Bob found himself at a crossroads - how to continue mentoring effectively without getting swamped by the digital avalanche of emails and messages?

The amount of email and social media traffic that Bob was dealing with on a daily basis was far too difficult for him to keep up with. Enter Personal AI, Bob's game-changer. Initially seeking a tool to streamline his communication, Bob quickly realized that Personal AI had more tricks up its sleeve than he anticipated. This was the beginning of a journey to create a digital mentor that could carry his voice, wisdom, and personality to lawyers far and wide.

Personal AI has developed personal small language AI models for a variety of users in different fields with great success. However, legal AI has a different set of challenges when creating, designing and training small language models in the legal space. It is extremely important that legal AI is as accurate as possible while remaining within the confines of the law. Therefore, the data used to train Bobโ€™s AI had to be manipulated in different ways. For example, a wanted to upload all of his trial transcripts to his AI so that his AI would learn all of his previous trials as well as Bobโ€™s approach to his battles in trial. However, his trial transcripts included several different speakers, which made uploading these documents to his AI more challenging. In order to prevent the AI from getting confused or learning dialogue that does not belong to Bob, methods for speaker identification had to be implemented. We are not concerned with dialogue from others unless the person was interacting with Bob. Therefore, all dialogue before and after Bobโ€™s dialogue was kept and separated using a Python program. Once separated, each line could then be uploaded into memory blocks. This method greatly improves the accuracy and strength of Bobโ€™s AI because not only was it trained on his own words and writing, but also his responses to every statement or question within his trial transcripts.

Bob Botโ€™s Public Persona: A Digital Mentor for Lawyers

Imagine having a mentor who's available 24/7, ready to share insights on trial strategies, case preparation, and winning techniques. That's what Bob envisioned for his AI's external persona. This digital Bob was crafted to be a repository of his vast knowledge, drawing from his trial experiences, written works, speeches, and participation in various legal forums. The aim? To ensure the AI not only embodied Bob's teaching philosophies but also mirrored his unique voice and approach to law.


In practice, Bob's AI has become an indispensable tool for lawyers seeking guidance. Whether it's crafting case outlines, navigating the complexities of evidence and procedure, or simply getting advice on trial tactics, Bob Bot is equipped to assist, all while adhering to legal standards. Need help preparing for a personal injury trial that Bob Simon specializes in? Bob Bot AI is an expert at outlining clear cut guidelines to point any young lawyer in the right direction

The Internal Side of Bob Bot: An Institutional Memory Assistant

But Bob's vision didn't stop with external mentorship. He recognized the potential for AI to serve as an internal aide, a kind of digital memory bank that holds all of his legal experiences and knowledge. This internal persona of Bob Bot acts as Bob's personal assistant, capable of fetching information from his rich history as a lawyer in an instant - no more digging through files or struggling to recall past cases.


This internal use case of Bob Bot is particularly special because it's trained on confidential data, making it a secure and private resource for Bob and his selected circle. It's a testament to the importance of having a tailored, secure AI tool for sensitive professions.

A Brief Example of Personality


Bobโ€™s data used to train his AI included a wide variety of documents, audio and video, some of which included transcripts from his Bourbon of Proof podcast. Although a simple prompt asking the AI to be more specific about which legal topics it is referring to will give a more clear answer as to what we may be looking for when asking the question asked in the picture, it has learned some of Bobโ€™s personality traits which you can see below. We can see that Bob is a bourbon connoisseur, and even though his AI was not trained specifically on bourbon, it knows how to refer to it the same way Bob would refer to bourbon himself!

Tips for Lawyers Eager to Embrace AI


For lawyers inspired by Bob's story and keen to explore AI in their practice, here are a few tips:


  • Define Your AI's Purpose: Start by identifying the specific challenges you want AI to address. Is it for public engagement, internal knowledge management, or both?

  • Customize with Care: Tailor your AI's training to include your unique insights, experiences, and voice. Remember, the goal is to create an AI that reflects your approach to law.

  • Prioritize Privacy: When dealing with confidential information, ensure your AI's internal use is secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users.


Bob Simon's journey with Personal AI exemplifies the potential of technology to enhance the practice of law, mentorship, and knowledge sharing. By embracing AI, lawyers can not only improve their own efficiency but also extend their reach, guiding the next generation of legal minds with unprecedented scalability and impact.