๐Ÿ“ˆPersonal AI for Enterprise

Interested of finding ways to utilize Personal AI in your business? Ever tried implementing other forms of Large Language Model AI's in your business only to find that accuracy, cost, and privacy/security concerns are a major problem when trying to move forward with AI? Personal AI's Personal Language Model (PLM) offers a solution to all of these concerns in your business. With our own API and your own private database in Personal AI, faults with accuracy are no longer a concern when all the responses are coming from your own data (as well as a number of other features we implement in our API that will improve accuracy even further). You are in full control of how your AI is shared and how it is used by others who are accessing your AI. Let's dive in to how Personal AI can be used in your business!

You can use Personal AI in your business for sales automation, lead generation, direct integration with chatbots on your website, SMS messaging integration, and monetization through offering subscription services. Additionally, you can explore integrations with email marketing platforms, CRM systems, project management tools, and communication platforms to streamline workflows and improve efficiency. The glory of using a PLM in your business is having an AI that is trained on all of your own data! Your philosophies and approaches, your voice, your employees, and your website and content are what drive your AI.

Sub-AI Personas

Personas are a great way to divide up data among a single AI that is created for your business to drive different use cases for your AI. You can build a persona for each use case, for example:

  • A persona that is trained on client and company information that can be customer facing externally for all of your existing customers looking for support.

  • A persona that is trained for sales automations and will only control the sales automation process in your company. This persona can also be integrated in different sales automation API's. This persona can also be trained on transcribed sales calls over zoom or other video meeting rooms.

  • An internally facing persona for employees in the company looking for advice from the CEO's knowledge base or a knowledge base belonging to a high level employee or manager running a team of employees

  • A persona for lead generation that can store all potential customer information through a Chatbot or through your existing websites or emails.

  • A persona for Customer Relations Management trained on existing emails with customers.

  • A persona that can drive a monetized channel. You can generate a new customer base and stream of revenue offering people a monthly subscription to your AI for customers that may not be able to fully afford your services.

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