๐Ÿ™ŒFacebook Messenger Integration

Facebook Messenger Integration

  • Click on the following link to view the template for Facebook Messenger integration to automatically answer messages: https://zapier.com/shared/a3aaf1c6476af272b6af91e646dd4dbb62dd7d65

  • *NOTE: The following integration will not work unless your Facebook page is a Business Page. If you do not have a business page and only have a personal page, you can create a new business page through your personal page using the following link: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/473994396650734?id=939256796236247

  • One your business page is ready to go, you will be able to log in to your Facebook Messenger through Zapier in the first step.

  • STEP 1: (Trigger) New Message Sent to Page in Facebook Messenger

    • First make sure that under the event selected under "App and Event" section says "New Message Sent to Page" and click continue.

    • Under the "Account" section, sign in to your Facebook page and follow the authorization steps for sign in and click continue.

    • Under the "Trigger" section, select the name of your business page. This trigger will activate the Zap whenever a message is sent to your business page.

    • Run the "Test" step and make sure that a new message is generated to your business page.

  • STEP 2: Message My AI in Personal AI

    • Make sure "Message my AI" is selected under the "App and Event" section and click continue.

    • Under the "Account" section, you will need to paste your AI's API key to connect your personal AI account. The API key can be found under the user settings in your personal.ai app. (Click on the picture on the top left and select "Settings)

    • Under the "Action" section, you should see the name of the sender from the previous step we completed when we tested the trigger.

    • Under the AI Domain Name you can specify which channel or persona you want the messages to go to. To do this, copy and past the domain name of the persona or channel neglecting the "personal.ai" part of the domain name (only the name of the channel/persona separated by dashes). You can also select "Yes or No" under the "Add to Memory" section if you want the emails to be automatically added to your memory. Leave this option under "No" if you plan to modify your drafted emails before sending them.

    • Run the Test. This will only test the "message my AI function", wait for the green check mark.

  • STEP 3: Send Message from Page in Facebook Messenger

    • Make sure that the event selected under the "App and Event" page says "send message from page" and click continue.

    • Under the "Account" section select your Facebook account from the drop down arrow, if you do not see your account just sign in. Click continue.

    • Under the "Action" section, make sure that the name of your business page is selected. Under the "Text" section, make sure you have the "Ai message" option selected and click continue

    • Run the test and wait for the green check mark.

    • Your AI will generate a test message to respond to the test trigger. You should be able to see the message in your Facebook Messenger app as well as in your Personal AI desktop or mobile app.

    • Click "Publish".

  • Once the Zap has been published, send a message to your business page to test the integration. Within moments your AI should automatically send a response to the messages sent to your business page. You can also view your sent and received messages in your Personal AI interface.

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