๐Ÿ˜ŽElevate Customer Journey

New page for Elevate customers through getting their new AI. This will have all the information and resources a person would need to get started today if they wished.

1. Welcome

  • Greeting: Welcome to Personal AI, where the future of personalized digital experiences unfolds before you. We are thrilled to embark on this remarkable journey with you. As we step into a world where technology intimately understands you, our commitment is to make every interaction more insightful, efficient, and uniquely tailored to your tasks. Let's unlock the full potential of what personalized AI can do, together. Welcome aboard!

  • Value Proposition: Personal AI offers a transformative experience, leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver personalized messages at scale whenever you or your team, followers, or organization needs. With Personal AI, you can create an intelligent companion that evolves with youโ€”remembering anything you need it to, enhancing your productivity and communication, sharing your expertise, optimizing your daily routine, and offering personalized recommendations to enrich your life. Imagine a tool that not only understands and acts to make your life easier and more engaging for those around you. There can never be another you and that is the point, instead of doing repetitive communication that is inefficient you can do things that bring more value: That's the promise of Personal AI.

2. How It Works

  • Simplified Process Outline: After completing the contract with our sales team, you will be greeted by your AI Success Manager who is there to guide you through the Elevate process. At that point, you will be given the opportunity to schedule an initial kickoff call and begin uploading data to your AI Google Drive Folder.

  • Kickoff Call โ†’ The main focus of this meeting is to clearly define the use case for your AI, highlight its goals, identify the target audience, and specify the necessary data to achieve your objectives.

  • Data Gathering & Training Period โ†’ After receiving access to your Google Drive Folder, you will begin uploading the data that you and your AI Success Manager discussed. From that point, your AI Training Specialist will start training your AI and complete the base model.

  • Demo & Transition Call โ†’ This meeting will highlight the training data employed in crafting your AI, providing a comprehensive walkthrough of its implementation and practical usage. We will also transfer the account to the email address of your choice to allow for exploration of your AI in-depth

  • Post-Release Support โ†’ We are here to help you with whatever you need! Upon account transfer, your AI Success Manager will send you an email with a link to our workshop calendar where you can schedule a call to meet with a training specialist.

  • Visualization: Use diagrams or flowcharts to visually represent the process.

Key Features Brief

When you first create your account, you will be prompted to begin creating your AI and taken to the initial training space.

File/Document Uploader

Located at the bottom left hand side of the โ€œMy AIโ€ tab underneath the AI personas, you will see a โ€œDocumentsโ€ section. Here is where you can upload a variety of different documents, audio files, weblinks, or create a new document to add from scratch or copy and pasting.

Editing Questions when messaging your AI

When you are in the process of training your AI, it is important to continuously test and message your AI regularly when adding new memories. Donโ€™t like the responses that the AI is giving you? Click on the pen icon located on the top right hand corner of the message box sent by your AI, edit the response to your liking, save and add it to the memory stack. The next time this question is asked, or any question similar to it, the AI will remember the edits you made.

Creating New Personas

Creating new AI Personas is important for dividing up your data and improving accuracy of the use case that each persona is created for. Personas can also be integrated.

Creating Channels

Creating new channels is a way to invite friends to talk to your AI. When creating a new channel, you can set which persona you want to run this channel. Channels can also be used for integrations.

AI Autopilot and Copilot

Autopilot and Copilot settings can be found at the top right hand corner of your screen when you are inside one of your channels or inside one of your personas. This feature allows you to either set your AI to respond to messages automatically (autopilot) or create responses to questions that will not be sent until you click the โ€œsendโ€ button underneath the response when you are finished editing (copilot)

Personal Score

Located directly underneath the name of your persona and above the message that your AI sent, you will see a percentage value. This is a personal score. The personal score is a rating of how much of the response was generated through your memory stack. You will notice this score continue to rise as you continue to train your AI

3. What to Expect

  • Automation of your everyday workflow

  • Increased communication between teams and channels

  • Draft emails faster

  • Conduct research

Long-Term Benefits

  • Streamline up to 80% of daily communication

  • Manage client interactions

  • Handle routine tasks (scheduling meetings, organizing data, generating reports, etc.)

  • You are in control, 100% of the time

  • Never forget anything

Customization Options

  • Brand Page โ†’ This is a direct link to preview your Brand Page. Here you can either view or edit the settings on your Brand Page directly instead of navigating to the AI Domain.

  • Privacy: This section allows you to select the privacy settings for your personal AI within the Personal AI app.

  • Public Chat: This setting allows you to modify the Public Chat. Leaving this turned off will keep your AI chat window open if the AI is Public under the privacy settings. When this is turned on, the chat window will no longer be accessible to users who have your Public AI.

  • Brand Page Link: Here you can change your AI Domain name. This link will take you directly to your AI brand page for users to interact with you.

4. What You Should Have in Order to Proceed

  • Prerequisites List: Detail any necessary prerequisites, such as account registration, hardware requirements, or base knowledge.

  • Preparation Tips: Offer advice on how to prepare for a smooth onboarding experience.

  • Support Resources: Provide links to support resources or contact information for assistance.

Prerequisites List

  • Account Registration: Sign up for a Personal AI account through the official website. Ensure you have access to a valid email address for account verification purposes.

  • Hardware Requirements: A computer or smartphone with internet connectivity is essential. Personal AI is accessible via web browsers on computers and through apps on iOS and Android devices.

  • Base Knowledge: Familiarity with basic digital navigation skills, such as using web browsers and apps. While not mandatory, a general understanding of AI and chatbots can enhance your experience.

  • Data for Training: Gather any texts, documents, emails, or other content you wish to use for training your Personal AI. This can include chat histories, professional documents, or personal notes.

  • Integration Access: If planning to integrate Personal AI with other services (e.g., Google Drive, Slack), ensure you have the necessary access and permissions.

Preparation Tips

  • Explore Personal AI Features: Before diving in, take some time to explore the features and capabilities of Personal AI. Understanding what's possible will help you envision how to customize it for your needs.

  • Organize Your Data: Sort the data you plan to use for training your AI. This organization will make the upload process smoother and more effective.

  • Set Clear Goals: Identify what you want to achieve with Personal AI. Whether it's improving productivity, organizing memories, or enhancing communication, having clear goals will guide your setup process.

  • Familiarize Yourself with Privacy Settings: Understand Personal AI's privacy settings and features to maintain control over your data and interactions.

  • Check Device Compatibility: Ensure your device(s) meet the minimum system requirements for running Personal AI smoothly. Currently only iOS and Windows devices are supported.

5. Integrations

Available Integrations: Personal AI offers a variety of different integrations internally and externally. Internal integrations we offer are used for memory additions and messaging with AI. Our internal integrations can be found under the โ€œMemory Stackโ€ section of the AI page. External integrations are done through Zapier. Zapier offers thousands of cross API integrations making integrations with Personal AI almost limitless.

Internal Integrations (In-App Integrations)

Memory Integrations

  • Google Drive: Log in to your google account here and select files that contain documents and/or single documents to add to your AI memory

  • OneDrive: Log in to your microsoft account here and select files that contain documents and.or single documents to add to your AI memory. This integration can only be used with a personal microsoft account and not a business account.

  • Gmail: Log in to your gmail account here and add emails to your memory by category or by starring.

  • Outlook: Log in to your outlook email here and add emails to your memory by category or by flagging.

  • Clipboard: Log in to your microsoft account here and add things to memory from your clipboard

Messaging Integrations

  • SMS: Apply for an SMS number for your AI. Once your assigned a phone number for your AI, you can text message it directly from your phone

  • Instagram Messaging: Log in to your Instagram Account here, make sure to download our Chrome Extension first!

  • Zapier: Here you can obtain your API key for external integrations through Zapier.

Integration Benefits

  • Memory Integrations: Using memory integrations with your AI, internally or externally, are a good tool to efficiently continue to train your AI. Maybe you keep a variety of your documents on a Drive, or maybe you use email so much that it is difficult to keep up with manually training your AI on all of your emails. Memory integrations can solve the issue of maintaining training and keeping your AI up to date.

  • Messaging Integrations: Messaging integrations are extremely useful for saving valuable time and having the ability to communicate with anyone at any time. Our SMS number can be used by anyone at any time. Instead of preparing for your next meeting or waiting for a response from someone about an important topic you need advice on, just text your AI on the go! Messaging integrations are also useful for monetization of your AI.

  • Integrations through Zapier: The power of integrations with your Personal AI are limitless. Zapier allows you to involve your AI in just about any application that you use regularly. Whether itโ€™s saving things to your memory from any external application or sending automatic messages to your customers through a 3rd party app, your AI has the ability to have a real positive impact in your daily tasks regardless of what applications you regularly use.

6. Use Cases

  • Ed Diab is a lawyer in California who uses his AI for within his practice. His favorite feature is the ability to recall any memory. As a lawyer, Ed feels memory is one of the most important traits. He is able to ask questions about cases from over 5 years ago and receive both instant and accurate results.

  • Frances West is an ex IBM DEI leader who has written a book and given a Ted Talk and other public speeches. We trained her AI based on those speeches, articles, and more for her audience to use as a supplement for her appearances. With Frances West AI, you are able to inquire about various DEI and her trademark Authentic Inclusion initiative.

  • Coach Flex/Flex Smith- is a user who trained his own AI with over 6000 memory blocks over 4 months. Flex added Coach Flex to his fitness plan for his clients to use. You can read the full article here:https://www.personal.ai/pi-ai/coach-flex-the-ai-trainer-of-the-future

  • Industry-Specific Applications: Our clients span various industries from medicine, legal, small businesses, personal trainers, and more. Through talking with our users on ways they implement their AIโ€™s. For example, many of our legal clients integrate their AI onto their website in the form of a personal chat bot. This application is extremely useful to answer various questions without having to use any of their time or energy. We recommend using chatbots to anyone who receives a large volume of questions or high website traffic. For our personal trainers, they will often integrate their AIโ€™s onto Facebook and Instagram. The messenger will answer their fitness questions and more when integrated. This is how users like Flex Smith use their AI.

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